Poverty As A Social Condition Essay

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Poverty as a Social Condition
Now I am writing this paper as a final paper from TSOC 165. A big thanks to Prof. Velasquez and two authors James M. Henslin “Down To Earth Sociology”, Peter L. Callero “The Myth of Individualism” and all of the contributions which come from my classmates. I am going to pick “Poverty” for my topic by this time. From [1] “What Does Living In Poverty Really Mean?” I can see the article showed the main point is the gap between rich and poor in our society now. So what does poverty mean? "In the United States, the definition is an idea of absolute poverty. What that means is we 're looking at how much money you need to support a particular standard of living, to buy a certain amount of calories, a certain amount of
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Clearly, Stratification is the social segmentation is the division of society into different social strata in economic status, occupation, education, life style, artistic tastes, etc. However, Social Stratification often associated with social inequality. Just a basic example about poverty as a social condition, Bill Gates – former CEO of Microsoft Company, so he can make $200 million a day, which means he can buy whatever he wants or making any investment he plans to invest. In contrast, a Walmart worker who earns $8.85 per hour, which means he is a working-class and he have had a lot of things to think and deal in his life to take himself or maybe his family. Oh man, this is really a huge number. This is just kind of a comparison between an upper class vs. working class as a social condition. Another thing that I’ve learned and really want to discuss is “Economy and Social Construction” that related to social condition. Why is Economy? Economy is a way to help people control and managing money and other resources. As we know there are three basic things in life which included food, water, and sex. If we (human) don’t have three things above, we will start to fight. What do you think about good economy? A good economy means better livelihood, better education, less crime activities, and distribution of resource …show more content…
For example, the good thing is food stamps. Why good? Because food stamp means as a form of welfare of the American government to help the poor, give them a sum of 187 dollars/per month (one person/household) to buy food only (http://www.fns.usda.gov/snap/how-much-could-i-receive). You can say that’s not a big number if you are rich; however, if you are poor that means a lot. “The explosion of food stamps in this country is not just a fiscal issue for me,” said Representative Steve Southerland, Republican from Florida. In the most essential respects, the food stamps increases, which means it also creates a huge number of poor. Moreover, it will encourage poor people to sit at home and do nothing; no doubt, poor people drink beer, watch too much television and have bad morals. Moral issues? There are two ways if the food stamps program stops; the first way is poor people have to find jobs and work to buy food and water and the second way is poor people do bad things as crime. Good or Bad? The answer is your

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