Poverty And The Causes Of Homelessness In America

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I have conducted my research on the causes of homelessness, how it affects a person’s health, and what resources are in the world to help those in need. After this research, I will know how a person becomes homeless and how much their state of living can potentially hurt them, but what next? I would love to do something with this information, fortunately I currently have the chance to in my community project placement. Giving the homeless or those in poverty access to many resources that could potentially help them, I believe, is the key to ending homelessness. My job at the Community Empowerment Fund in Chapel Hill is updating their resource database, so all of their clients have access to the most recent and newest resources. Together, we must help the homeless out of poverty.
Homelessness has been an issue in the United States since colonial America. Beginning in 1640, the homeless were seen as outliers
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Homelessness in America continues to rise because of many differing factors. A large cause of homelessness is the continual increase of housing costs (Weinberger). Affordable housing has become non-existent. Most of the poor’s income is contributed to housing fees, so once they are forced into homelessness it is extremely difficult to find reasonable priced housing to move back into. Another cause that can be contributed to the rise in homelessness is the decrease of federal support and social programs. The government currently support the homeless with the very least of essentials. It is truly not enough to help them back on their feet. Another large issue in America is the idea of “each man for himself”. Unlike in the mid-1990s, we are no longer a community. If we see our neighbor falling, we will not help them up. America outcast so many homeless people because we stigmatize them as beggars and because of that the homeless fall deeper into

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