Essay on Potty Training Is No Easy Task

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Potty training can be a very overwhelming and tedious job. If you have ventured into this stage you are most likely tired of diaper duty, and need a change. Having a potty trained child will allow you to have this freedom. Your child will also feel mature by learning something he/she can do on their own. I will give you fair warning that potty training is no easy task. It will require much time, and patience from you and your child. You may experience the occasional wetting of their underwear, the bed, or the floor. Do not despair and give up, every parent has faced these challenges. Instead stick through it, and be elated when any new progress is made. Keep in mind that the following tips are basic guidelines, always critique the advice to fit what works for you and your child.
The best way to start off potty training your child is to transition their minds into feeling older. Start off by buying them their first pair of underwear or pull ups. Get your child involved by allowing them to pick whatever character they want to be shown on the garment. This will be sure to catch their attention. Be sure to buy a few because there will be mishaps, and you want to be prepared. Next buy them a potty training seat. It could be one that is basic or has added features, such as sounds or lights. At their age the attractions will encourage them to use it. Last but not least, buy some flushable wipes for them to use. The perforated sheets makes it easier for them to grab when it is time,…

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