Write An Argumentative Essay On Procrastination

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In today’s world, people, for the most part, always have assignments they need to be doing, but today it is the most difficult time to procrastinate because of all the outside distractions (cell phones, television, internet). Whether it be from school, a job, housework, or a favor for someone, there is always something that needs to be done. If the work is difficult or boring, many people put off the work until the very last minute. Thus, hoping someway, somehow they can get out of doing whatever the task is. Procrastination is affecting more and more people everyday. Procrastination is to delay or postpone action, or the putting off of doing something when the task is challenging and unappealing, which is difficult to overcome. The people who do not procrastinate have set schedules in which they follow by on a day to day basis. They plan out everything that needs to be accomplished in a day. At the same time, they break the workload into steps, or sections, making the amount of work seem smaller. …show more content…
Procrastination is delaying and postponing an action due to the inability to do the assignment, not wanting to make a mistake while completing the assignment, or being too lazy to do anything. Procrastination is not making being proactive by making a schedule, planning the assignments out in steps, or finding motivation to complete it. Procrastination is much like hesitating because both are stalling due to the lack of confidence in a task or ability. While procrastinating, one needs to understand how valuable that time may be later. If an emergency comes up, one would rather have the assignment done before hand, that way he/she do not have to worry about it. Procrastination is difficult to overcome, but makes one’s life easier in the process. Becoming proactive is difficult, but it is worth it in today’s

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