Postsecondary Education Article Analysis

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"BLACK ENTERPRISE Holds Symposium on America 's Postsecondary Education Challenges." PR Newswire 26 Mar. 2013. Student Resources in Context. Web. 11 Apr. 2016.
The author clearly conveys the apparent issue of under educating students of color, and immediately recommends a course of action. By critically evaluating current structures of all educational facilities, and providing meaningful feedback to better serve the students, Black Enterprise and its partners will transform and present solutions to the quality of our education system. A change must be made in order to graduate more students of color and better prepare them for America’s very competitive workforce.
The claims addressed in this article directly provide insight to the struggle
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"Is education reform too white? Surge Institute equips people of color to lead the movement." Black Enterprise Feb. 2016: 38+. General OneFile. Web. 7 Apr. 2016.
The author artistically relates with the audience, by pointing out very well constructed points. The article recognizes that change cannot happen in communities by assigning reformation, but the “reformation must be an effort of the community, it must happen with the consent and participation of the people.” The movement must be led by the citizens who feel the strongest about equality issues such as the social injustice movements, immigration, or the civil rights movement. Reformation led by strongly opinionated citizens, will produce the most satisfying results of all minorities within a certain community.
The claims expressed in this article are very well articulated, which draws attention to the audience, and provides a sense of belonging to the people. An understanding with higher authorities makes the minorities more willing to participate because they feel respected, rather than looked down upon. This article would be a great asset to any community, specifically the leader of a certain community because it proves understanding of the minority struggle, and a sense of recognition that has not always been
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Brown was murdered just 9 days after graduating from high school, and his mother grieves not only of his death, but over the tribulation it took to get Michael to graduate from school. The school Michael attended was 98% African American students, and was robbed of its credibility after failing to meet state standards for over a decade. The author recognizes this issue across America as a whole, and states that there are indeed programs set out to correct the low performing academics, but these programs like No Child Left Behind, and Common core, have not shown much progress. Minority students still face inequality within our education system, the Black and Latino students often attend school where most of the alumni qualify for free lunch. The teachers of these classes have very minimal qualifications, and there is not a broad range of courses eligible to the students in order for them to set goals for themselves, or strive for a better

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