Postpartum Depression : Symptoms And Treatment Essay

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The joys of a new baby are numerous for couples, it’s an addition to your family, a new person to love; but a new child also means new responsibilities, a new found source of stress and in some cases depression for the new moms. The particular type of depression I’m referring to is known as postpartum depression. When moms give birth to their babies, their body limits the release of certain hormones, and can cause the new moms to feel sluggish, tired and even depressed. The depression is common for most women, and last for around two weeks, typically starting around the second, or third day after the birth of their baby. This is whats known as the “postpartum baby blues” but those that last longer and are more severe are what 's referred to as postpartum depression. Though postpartum depression might seem scary it’s not that uncommon, and most women who go through it can get treated,.and return to their regular lives. But that doesn’t mean it doesn 't have its own shares of problem, postpartum depression can affect not only the mother but her children and the entire family as well. This research paper is on about the effects of postpartum depression in the development of children.

First, let 's talk about what exactly postpartum depression is. When women are pregnant they go through a huge influx of hormones; these cocktails of hormones are what helps the soon to be mother grow her baby to be healthy and properly develop. These hormones leave, once their jobs are…

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