Postpartum Depression : Symptoms And Symptoms Essay examples

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Postpartum Depression
Postpartum Depression is when a mother delivers a baby and becomes depressed after he or she is born. They feel as if there life is over. Or the mother does not wish to bond or associate with the newborn baby. Usually mothers are happy and excited to be having a child. But when having postpartum depression the mother wants nothing to do with the newborn. Doctors and nurses can tell when a mother is on the verge or has this disorder. There are many symptoms when having this particular disorder.
Woman with postpartum depression give off symptoms of this disease. There are numerous symptoms with this disorder. According to there are a list of symptoms. Such as, crying, appetite problems, tired, sadness, and mood swings (Mayoclinic, 2015). Some mistake depression symptoms as the baby blues but that is not the case. Baby blues and postpartum depression is different from each other. Such as, baby blues the mother gets over the sadness. Postpartum depression is when the mother does not get over the sadness of being pregnant. She is depressed and not wanting to have the child nor wanting to bond or have anything to do with it. There are ways to help subside the symptoms but not to cure them.
There are many types of treatments for postpartum depression. Treatments are not cures though they only subside the depression. Woman may take counseling or be put on medication. The disorder is not one to take lately. Having this disorder…

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