Post 9/11 Arab-American Discrimination Essay

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What are Arab Americans? An individual can be classified as “Arab” if the person speaks Arabic, practices Islam, and identifies with the traditions of Arabic-speaking peoples. (Aguirre and Turner 276)These individuals are usually subject to negative and differential treatment by others. It is essential to identify the differential treatment of Arab Americans by others in society. The mistreatment of Arabs in the United States can be contributed to many factors; however, there have been certain events that have occurred in the United States, which have increased and enraged these strong emotional feelings in many Americans. Discrimination and stereotypes of a culture or group mainly develops from a lack of understanding. We can become a …show more content…
Many Arab-American s could not even walk down a street, without being physically attacked or verbally abused. Since 9/11, Arab Americans have been profiled, feared, detained, assaulted, accused, interrogated, harassed, hated, and collectivized. Arab Americans have felt what African Americans went through for centuries and how Japanese-Americans felt after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The entire nation looked at them differently. The Arab Americans were viewed as criminals, murderers and were even victims of many terrorist raids.
Looking back at history and the discrimination that still exists today, makes me realize how little America has changed, as a nation over the years. Whenever something devastating happens to the United States, people are quick to turn to hatred and discriminate against those who committed the crime, and anyone who is of the same race or religion. The United States is viewed as a land of equal opportunity, yet hatred for others who are different seems to spread like wild fire.
The Sept. 11 attacks formed a thought of prejudice into the hearts of many Americans, which is still in effect to this day. Today, those of Arab or Muslim backgrounds are the quickest to be stereotyped as the people most likely to be terrorists.

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