Essay about Positives And Positives Of Industrialization

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There were many negative and positives about industrialization. Some may argue that there were more positive effects on industrialization, and others may stress over the negatives. No one person has enough information to come to a conclusion that the Industrial Revolution had a positive or negative effect on society. Industrialization was the transition to new manufacturing processes in the period from about 1760 to somewhere between 1820 and 1840 Industrialization is a very important point in history because the invention of the steam engine benefited workers, as well introduced them to more capital, and a tragic reflection of child labor.
To start off with, the invention of the Steam Engine and many other inventions led to some successful inventions. The steam engine was created by Thomas Newcomen and was revised by James Watt. James Watt’s improvement of the steam engine was used the most to provide mechanical power by using the coals to create steam for the workers. “The Steam Engine produced 90% of the United States’ electric power” (Magdaliza 1). The United Sates back then was not as improved as it is today. Electricity today is offered everywhere, but with a bill. As for during the Industrial Revolution, it was important to have light throughout the mines when the workers were on duty. They would regularly use natural sunlight, but the invention of the steam engine helped produce the light and electricity power for other electricity working machines. Today, not many…

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