Hip Hop Vs Rap Essay

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Hip-hop as a genre has been used in the past as a means for oppressed peoples to stand up against “racial and socioeconomic injustices, which are deeply embedded within American culture”(Henry, West, & Jackson 238). Although, the hip hop and rap genres were used as a tool they have also been very harmful to the images of the black women. Hip hop culture has embraced misogyny as a norm and a practice that most relevant artists participate in. The lyrics in the songs promote this attitude, and also contribute to a negative image of black women in the media, their own communities, and among themselves. The lyrics from songs and the images created in music videos by hip hop artist are internally and psychologically damaging to the black women, girls, and people who hear and internalize these images. Misogyny in music is the glamorization and promotion of oppressive ideas about women (Adams, Fuller 940). The genres I am discussing are specifically hip hop and rap, which you could say are dominated by black artist and therefore the women being degraded are their black, female counterparts. Black women have been being degraded since slavery where the they were the victims of propaganda, put on exhibition, and being raped. (Adams, Fuller 943). The difference now is that the Black man has taken over the degrading of the …show more content…
They write that gangsta rap has had great commercial success and “nearly all male rappers trying to make it market themselves as gangsters” (Rebollo-Gil, Moras 125). Artist do this to fit into the genre and because it is the only way for them to “display black masculinity”(Rebollo-Gil, Moras

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