Positive Psychology Essay

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Positive Psychology-A Current perspective


Krishan Kumar

Dr. Rajiv Dogra

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Krishan Kumar, M. Sc, M. Phil (M& SP), PhD (Pur)
Clinical Psychology,
Computational Neuroscience
National Brain Research Centre, Manesar
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Dr. Rajiv Dogra
Associte Professor, Department of Clinical Psychology
Post Graduate College and Medical Sciences, Rohtak
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What is positive psychology? Positive psychology (pp) is the scientific study of optimal human functioning. It alms to discover and promote the factor that allow individuals and communities to thrive. The new century challenges psychology to shift more of its
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Currently attention is being given to positive psychology (Seligman,2000)

The first phase of humanistic psychology, which covered the period between 1960 to 1980 was largely driven by Maslow’s agenda for a positive psychology, the term “positive psychology” itself was first used in his ground breaking book “motivation and personality”(1954). It articulated a view of Human beings as irreducible to parts needing connection, meaning and creativity. The humanistic psychology division (32) of American psychological association (apa) investigates not only suffering and trauma but also growth, creativity and values. (Frank, 1959, James, 1961, Maslow, 1971) they had placed conscious human experiences at the core of the psychological enterprise. They had a large impact on the practice of psychology and on middle class society large through the human potential movement.
During this time several attempts were made to describe the healthy personality in ideal terms. Jahoda (1958) gave the following as criteria of positive mental health. Attitude towards self, the ability to grow and actualize oneself, integration and balancing of the psychic forces, autonomy, perception of reality and the mature

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