Positive Parenting Essay

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And although the adoption of a certain parenting style seems ideal, a parent needs to realize something out their own personality. Sometimes the innate personality of the parent affects which parenting method they adopt. According to a study conducted by Schofield and his colleagues, researchers at various American universities, they found that "positive parenting may be promoted by alpha-linked traits such as agreeableness, emotional stability, and conscientiousness" and that those showing a lack of these traits may show lower positive parenting (9-10). However, the presence of these traits, or lack thereof, cannot be an excuse for parents. The research only found that the alpha-linked traits have the potential to affect the tendencies of …show more content…
This is true; however, parenting styles can still compensate for what some consider to be bad luck in the genetic lottery. Even though some children have more troublesome personalities than others, parents still can influence these children positively. A group of researchers conducted a study on adoptive children and analyzed both the biological and adoptive parents. The results showed how positive parenting can overpower genetic predisposition to low sociability. Children exposed to positive parenting attained "a degree of social competence that was not significantly different from children with high birth parent sociability" despite what their genetics predicted (Van Ryzin et al. 676). This gives hope to parents who feel that their children might be just genetically disposed to have social problems. By making a choice to exhibit positive behavior towards their children, parents can help their children overcome social difficulties. The study also found that negative genetic tendencies only manifest with negative parenting (Van Ryzin et al. 676). So if a parent notices his or her child having difficulties in maintaining social relationships, then maybe he or she should examine his parenting methods. Authoritative parenting is the best for overcoming genetic predispositions. Those parents show warmth and support to their children, which research has found to overcome any negative genetic tendencies. However, both authoritarian and permissive parenting styles just increase the manifestation of the genetic depositions to bad social behavior. The adoption of authoritative parenting covers all the bases, whether a child has bad genetics or

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