Positive Of The Aztec Empire Essay

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“(The Aztecs) considered their capital the ‘queen’ of all settlements, and the Spaniards described it as a place belonging to legend” (Doc A). As the Renaissance was taking place in Europe, the Aztecs were busy creating a remarkable world class society in the Americas. The Aztec Empire took place from 1350 to 1519 in present-day Mexico. The study of the Aztecs usually begins in 1519, the year when Hernan Cortes and the 500 Spanish conquistadors first discovered the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan. However, the Aztecs had many great accomplishments before this time, that aren’t as talked about in history. The Aztec Empire should be remembered for the many positive of their empire, including a strong military force, dedication to their gods, and innovative technology.
Warfare for the Aztecs was the main driving force of both the Aztec religion and government. The Aztec army was known to be strong, fierce, and powerful. “The Aztecs had an estimated population of 300,000 in their capital of Tenochtitlan” (Doc F). Because the Aztecs had such a large population, they possessed a huge army. This army was able to achieve great
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Documents such as G, I, and J talk about the human sacrifices that the Aztecs performed. Many people would consider the Aztecs cruel and barbaric people for this. The Aztecs sacrificed what was most precious to them, human life. The Aztec’s faithfulness and dedication to their gods came from all the blessings they received from their gods. They wanted to give back to the gods for all the gods did for the people, by sacrificing what meant most to them. They didn’t know what they were doing was so inhumane, they just wanted to give their gods something for all they blessed them with. The Aztec Empire was a big part of history with many positive aspects that aren’t as talked about in

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