Positive Effects Of Technology On Public Health Essay example

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Positive Effects of Technology on Public Health

Compared to a decade ago, people now have endless resources for finding information on their physical fitness and health. Questions can be easily answered by google, while there are smartphone apps for almost anything you can think of regarding being healthy. There are dozens of fitness trackers and websites which can people reach their own personal goals. Advancing technology allows for almost anyone to utilize fitness trackers, apps, and website in order to assess, prioritize, and move towards a more healthy lifestyle. In 1965, Dr. Yoshiro Hatano developed the first pedometer, which allowed people, for the first time, to be able to actively track their steps and achieve goals of being active. In 1982, Polar created combined a EKG and radio chest strap, allowing biometric information to be displayed live. The pedometer and the Polar SPorts Tester were the first of many in the world of trackers. These types of active trackers support the everyday person in their goals to live a healthier lifestyle. Fitbits are a common wearable which can help track steps, track heart rate and sleep, and even tell you when you receive a text message. People can set goals for how many steps they want to take in a day, or set reminders on their Fitbit to get moving once an hour. Fitbits vary in price from $59.99 (Fitbit Zip) to $249 (Fitbit Surge). For the more budget conscious buyer, there 's the Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse, which is only $17. This…

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