Positive And Negative Impact Of Social Media Impact

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Social media is an internet communication between people to people who can communicate from anywhere and anytime. Example of social media such as writing a blog, chatting via application, sharing photo and many type of social media. Social media have a positive and negative effect, so many effect for us using social media.

Does social media give negative effect? Yes, because so many people uses social media didn’t wisely. Negative impact of social media is like, we can be a anti-social, means of anti-social are often assumed to be a shy person, social phobia, or even away from social situation. Anti-social because social media is meant we avoid social circumstances because using social media application and become
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Because social media is so important in this generation and has a lot influence for our life. The example of positive impact social media is give many information, speedy communication, make us creative or innovative person, we can think more critical.

Why I don’t agree social media is give negative impact? Because social media give positive impact to on our life its like we can have a big connectivity. People from anywhere can connect with anyone, so connectivity its like everything in social media. Makes us easier to communicate with others people.

In the business sector, social media has a huge influence in the present, because in today's business in social media is growing rapidly, such as selling clothes, shoes, and other goods, because people more often see something from social media that makes the businesses take advantage of social media, and many sellers of social media goods take advantage of famous people to promote their business in their social media and that way it is very effective in increasing the sales of their
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The presentation of insights and knowledge is uniquely shared so that those who see it become very interested to see it, even delivered by a trusted agency.

social media has a lot of impact on our lives, there are positive and negative impacts, depending on whether we use it well or not, but in my view more positive impacts than negative impacts, because in my life, social media is very helpful in my life, it all depends on who uses it and what social media it uses.

it is my opinion about the impact of social media, I think social media is very useful in the present because disclosure of information, but because of information disclosure, people who can not use it well will disrupt or harm the people, Although there are many negative impacts from the use of social media, we must be positive in doing anything, especially to develop our knowledge and personality. Therefore, we are more mature in the use of social media or any internet facilities, use it to continue to build your own potential not only for certain

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