Positive And Negative Effects On The United War Essay

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Courtney Boyd
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Writing Assignment 2

There were some positive and negative effects on the U.S. that were made due to both the Great War and World War 2. There was a major economic failure after the Great War known as the Great American Depression. But, there was also the fact that America was brought into the age of consumerism and movie culture. Then, after the Second World War, we were in a Cold War with the USSR which influenced a social and political plummet. But, post-World-War-two also showed increase in suburbanization, college enrollment, and middle class acceptance.
The Great War, otherwise known as World War 1, brought a brief economic depression that lasted from 1922-1929. This was because of the people wanting to get consumer goods, and not just capital goods, due to the rise of mass advertising and marketing. This could be because all of the tragedy and casualties of war made people want to be less fearful and stressful. But, also jobs were increased with pay. African Americans and woman were able to get jobs a little bit easier, also, due to the fact that they were the ones who were contributing to the work force during the war. Also, stock buying increased. But, unlike what most people think, the crash of the stock market was not the cause of the Great Depression. There were multiple factors after World War 1. There was also the fact that the Federal Reserve had a tight money policy in 1930 and 1931, which prevented the economy to recover.…

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