Positive And Negative Effects Of The Great War Essay

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Courtney Boyd
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Writing Assignment 2

There were some positive and negative effects on the U.S. that were made due to both the Great War and World War 2. There was a major economic failure after the Great War known as the Great American Depression. But, there was also the fact that America was brought into the age of consumerism and movie culture. Then, after the Second World War, we were in a Cold War with the USSR which influenced a social and political plummet. But, post-World-War-two also showed increase in suburbanization, college enrollment, and middle class acceptance.
The Great War, otherwise known as World War 1, brought a brief economic depression that lasted from 1922-1929. This was because of the people wanting
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The goal of this new KKK was to make the United States a theocratic nation due to the fact that the United States had an increased amount of immigrants and Catholics. Therefore, the KKK added those groups to the original focus on African Americans just as when it existed after Reconstruction. Another thing seen as bad during time period was prohibition. Even though rural people supported this, it had a bad after effect which supported lawlessness and organized crime, and led to mafia and gang …show more content…
This involved shaping peace in Europe, while going into a cold war with the Soviet Union. Germany after the war was trying to reestablishes itself as a country. This was trying to be done with the help of the rest of Europe, but sadly Germany got separated into West and East due to the Berlin Wall put up by the USSR. This led to the United States only being able to help East Germany airborne. After USSR diminished itself through Europe via the United Nations, it started what was known as the Cold War which brought about a Soviet-American rivalry. This meant mass hysteria in the ways of Russian immigrants to national security, in the thought of them being spies. This involved government employees that were seen as “security risks” to obtain the organization HUAC (House Un-American Activities Committee). The good that came out of the Soviet-American Cold War was the impact on the Civil Rights Movement, the Berlin Wall later gets taken down, and there are multiple space programs out there now which did lead to America stepping on the

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