Fukushima Earthquake Effects

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“Every situation has a positive and negative, it’s down to which side you see.” This quote directly corresponds with the accident in Fukushima. On March 11th, 2011, an earthquake struck this area in Japan; this earthquake had a magnitude of 9, which triggered a disastrous tsunami that reached wave heights of over 120 feet. The power of this natural disaster was unbeknownst to Japanese citizens and government, although some of the effects that it caused could have been much less if proper precautionary measures were taken (WNA). When this calamity had occurred, it instilled fear inside of people on a global level. This is due to the fact that the negative effects that had occurred on March 11th, 2011 were tremendous. Fortunately, positive effects …show more content…
The nuclear power plant was heavily damaged by the earthquake, although most damage that occurred was due to the massive tsunami (WNA). The earthquake had struck offshore and in response to that, “all six external power supply sources were lost due to earthquake damage, so the emergency diesel generators located in the basements of the turbine buildings started up” (WNA). Then, approximately 41 minutes later, the tsunami hit. The first wave and second wave were separated by an eight minute interval. The second wave had submerged the seawater pumps. Along with this, the diesel generators had been damaged, as well as everything else in the basements of the turbine buildings. The tsunami had also taken out roads, as well as decimating buildings, which made outside access quite difficult. Ultimately, a station blackout had occurred, and the batteries that had charged the reactors were both flooded and damaged. Units one and two had been immediately flooded and unit three had power for about 30 hours (WNA). So in conclusion, the tsunami wreaked havoc upon the faulty countermeasures that were taken. The objects responsible for pumping seawater back into the ocean were completely flooded, and the generators had been damaged. This in turn, had caused most power to be lost almost immediately following the flooding of the

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