Terror In Resonance Analysis

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The anime, Terror in Resonance, indirectly points out the current Japanese government under Abe Shinzo as one of the source of neo-nationalism in Japan. Unlike many critical animes or shows, Terror in Resonance, addresses the name of the current Japanese government almost explicitly and even portrays the face of the current Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo. In the anime, many governors in Japan is found out to have a lot of connections with the right wing nationalist organization, the Rising Peace Academy. Among them, the anime especially highlights a connection between a politician whose election poster resembles that of Abe Shinzo. Although the anime used Democratic Liberal Party for fictional name of the government party instead of the real name of Abe Shinzo’s government party, Liberal Democratic Party, the similarity between the two names demonstrates that the anime is clearly accusing both Abe and his government party for being neo-nationalistic. Using such references, the director seems to be expressing his concerns about Japan’s nationalistic shift after Abe’s government because according to Mike Mochizuki and Samuel Porter, the House of Representatives in Japan has a single party majority in favor of Abe and “Abe emphasized nationalistic themes …show more content…
The explosion does not leave any victims, but instead, it reminds Japanese people what they are not supposed to forget, Japan’s past and the fact that tragic history should not be repeated. Therefore, Japanese neo-nationalists need to shake off their obsession towards the past glory and focus on Japan’s future progress as both peace-making and advanced country in Asia. Ultimately, the true proud and honorable country cannot be achieved without admitting the past mistakes and using the mistakes as stepping stones to earn trust and respect from both other countries and its own

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