Negatives Of Industrialization

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There were many negative and positives about industrialization. Some may argue that there were more positive effects on industrialization, and others may stress over the negatives. No one person has enough information to come to a conclusion that the Industrial Revolution had a positive or negative effect on society. Industrialization was the transition to new manufacturing processes in the period from about 1760 to somewhere between 1820 and 1840 Industrialization is a very important point in history because the invention of the steam engine benefited workers, as well introduced them to more capital, and a tragic reflection of child labor.
To start off with, the invention of the Steam Engine and many other inventions led to some successful
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“Young children working endured some of the harshest conditions” (EIU 1). At the time of the Industrial Revolution, children were not prescribed an education and were established in unsafe buildings to work until they were adults, on unsafe machinery! Today, children are obligated to go to school by law. “Although child labor has been substantially eliminated, it still poses a problem in a few areas of the economy” ( 1). Child labor during the Industrial Revolution was very unnecessary, it was an obligation; if children had parents to work for their shelter, water, food, etc., then why should the children work? Instead of making the children work on unsafe, unsanitary machines, they should’ve been offered a resourceful education that could’ve done them way better in life. “Intense and dangerous labor became a way of life for millions of children living in America” (Wagner 1). Children living in America today are held at home, cared for, until there are about four or five years old, then they attend school. Lots of children working at a very young age grow up to be disabled, leading to possible death. Not only adults, but children were required to work nonstop. They would get about a half hour or less of a break and were fed very little to what people nowadays are fed and …show more content…
The Industrialization was a time of progress and creation of new inventions, although it may have had some hardships as of child labor. The role of government during the Industrialization was controlling over their workers and wasn’t as protective. The role of the government today is geared more towards protecting the workers. Life for people working in the mills during the Industrial Revolution was very hard, leading on with possible death and disability. Today, people have the freedom to choose what they want to work as, they even have the option to create their own business more easily. Workers during the Industrial Revolution had poor wages and had little to give to their families at home. In this society, you have rich people left and right, workers are getting paid more than others were during the Industrial Revolution. If the world today is improving, then how would it bee in another fifty

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