Porter's Five Forces Analysis: British Airways

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Porter's Five Forces is Harvard Business School’s Competitive Position Analysis. It was developed as a simple framework for assessing and evaluating the competitive strength and position of a business organization (Porter, 1980).
The base of the theory is the concept which consists from five forces that determine the density of competition and market’s allurement. Five forces of Porter help to determine where power lies within a business situation. It also can help to understand the strength of current competitive position of an organization, and the strength of a position that an organization may identify for moving into.
Most of the time Porter’s five forces are used by strategic analysts to understand if new products or services are potentially
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In spite of some issues, British Airways still has great perspectives. It has good external strategies and it doesn’t need require big changes. The British Airways company must adopt relevant change strategies to remain relevant in its business. British Airways’ Porter’s Five Forces and PESTEL analysis which we covered at our work enables discussion and assessment of the change process and recommendations for BA’s future strategy direction possible.
The British Airline has witnessed complaints due to inefficient bag handling and delays. They need to improve or produce new technologies for this.
Also company can improve the technologies for Vip and online check-in to do it much more easy for the old generation.
But British Airways Company is one of the largest in the world. If British Airways follows to their concept, it will lead them to new developments and as a result to customer’s satisfaction and well-known brand

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