Essay on Population Geography Is A Major Branch Of Human Geography

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Population geography is a major branch of human geography that focuses on the scientific study of people, their spatial distributions and population density. In order to study these factors, geographers identify the changes (increments and decrements) in population, peoples ' movements over time and settlement patterns. Other vital factors are examined as well are occupations, crime rate and the effect of those factors. Population geography is closely related to demography. There is a close tie between the two branches because the study of changes in population requires the population geographers to keep up with statistics and the current and the past trends. Population looks at various topics that impact the world 's population. Some of the major topics relevant to the study of population geography are population distribution, population density and the changes in overall population. In order to comprehensively understand population geography, one must understand the links between the past population and the current population.

Figure 1: World Population Distributions
The Background

The population in the past was much lower than it is now. Around 8000 B.C, the earth was populated with roughly 5 million humans. The population escalated to 200 million from 8000 B.C to 1 A.D. The population growth rate calculated for that time period is .05 per year. Population growth rate (PGR) is the calculation of the increase in the population during a specific time period which is…

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