Population And Its Effects On Human Population Essay

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Population, biologically defined as the summation of members of a particular species or group within a set region or community. For mankind, population has been the double edged sword and, the blunt shield that have allowed humanity to dominate this flying space-rock known as Earth. The population avaliable to a society meant the amount of workers which can gather, use, and produce various resources. This combined with the ability of humanity to use tools and technology, allowed human population to grow further more, feeding back into a positive cycle, eventually effectively eliminating natural predators within the habitat and regional communities of humanity, despite the weakness of humans as individuals. As with any population of organisms, producers and resources naturally become degraded and scarcer over time as population of consumers of any level increase. With humanity, whose society, population, and technology have put them as apex predators within their habitat, this consumption of resources is unchecked, due to the lack of any organic or biological regulatory system, leading to ever-increasing population thanks to said technology, production, and consumption, of which drains the resources of the community, habitat, Eco-system, and the finally, the global bio-sphere known as Earth. As with any organisms, water and food are required for survival; the same principle applies to humanity, with energy sources also required to sustain the post-agricultural…

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