Poor Sleep Challenging The Health Of A Nation Essay

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This paper, “Poor Sleep Challenging the Health of a Nation”, is a compilation of information pertaining to sleep, sleep problems, and sleep disorders and how they affect society and the public, collected by Mary Ellen Wells and Bradley V. Vaughn. It is a psychologically relevant piece, as it reflects different issues about sleep and provides options for solving those issues. It contains information from several databases and other national publications. This paper will review the publication itself, its importance to psychology, and the historical and current views on the subject of sleep problems and the consequences of sleep problems.
LITERATURE REVIEW This study has very reliable resources and relevant information from databases and library collections. The United States government sponsors some of the resources, such as PubMed and the United States Department of Health. Several universities are also cited in the work. People whose information was mentioned in the paper also have reliable educational titles, such as M.D. and D.P.M. It thoroughly and properly cites all of the mentioned resources, which is a sign of a well-conducted study. Rather than simply give information, it suggests what action should be done to improve sleep and reduce accidents caused by poor sleep. It has an overall feel of being very educated and supported. Although this study has many positive aspects, it also has some downfalls. It provides information from polls twice. Even…

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