John's Lies In The Crucible

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John Proctor poor, poor Proctor…

Darkness blackness, Darkness a place of complete silence, Darkness a place of protection. Darkness may be a bizarre word to associate with protection, nevertheless, some individual use darkness as a source of protection. The people that used darkness as protection will always have light shed into their darkness. In the play, The Crucible, by Arthur Miller one of the play's main characters, John Proctor, has a secret of having an affair with Abigail Williams and over the course of the play, John tries to lie his away around the affair so that he can keep his public reputation and please his wife Elizabeth Proctor. However, his lies cause a greater harm than good towards him by tormenting him throughout
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Johns internal mindset throughout the course of the play was lying results in a way of getting out of a situation that he knew could destroy his public reputation, however, over the course of the play lying result in a greater harm than good. For example, in Act III he states: “You are pulling down heaven A raising up a whore.” (3.262) This statement that John makes is a lie and causes of his mind internal to continue to demolish. Johns also felt that for him to be the best individual in the case in Act III against Abigail Williams he should lie. However, in the long run his lies just kept on causing more harm than good. Another example is in Act IV were John's mind is so corrupt because of the affair and his series of lies that he has made that he finally snaps and confesses. This snap came about when John was being forced by Danforth to sign a document that makes him lie that he is a witch so that he can save his life. However, the broken mentality John makes him say the statement “How may I live without my name? I have given you my soul; leave me my name!” (4.250) This quote that John makes relates to lying cause a greater harm than good because John rips the document up after stating the quote which shocked the community of Salem and Elizabeth. However, since John rip up the document his actions showed to Danforth,

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