Pollen's The Animals: The Polyface Farm System

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Polyface Farm is successful due to its complex system. At first the farm was a wreck. Then the farm started to thrive. Pollen states in his essay 'The Animals: Practicing Complexity ', "but polyface is proof that people can sometimes do more for the health of a place by cultivating it rather than leaving it alone"(373). Organic farming will reach wonders and sooner or later, other farmers will be taking on the Polyface Farm system. There are many problems that this model can take on. Its a self sufficient business that involves everyone and thing. The system of the farm is based on the circle of life in a way. Not one animal benefits from the action of the other, they all benefit. The chicken is the most talked about. Pollen states," The chief reason polyface farm is completely self- sufficient in nitrogen is that chicken defecating copiously pays a visit to virtually every square foot of it at several …show more content…
Salatin even had a hard time getting his farm up to par. Farmers do run the risk of losing their animals to diseases because there wasn 't proper sanitation of the farm. But Salatin seems to be doing well for his business. There 's a lot of hard work put into organic farming. You have to ensure that the animals are safe and make sure the farm is clean. But our society is taking a healthy cautious view. We 're tackling issues like diabetes and obesity. Organic farms would have the supplies to our demand. For instance Salatin states, "chicken eggs are my most profitable items, and the market is telling me to produce more of them"(376). Eggs are used in our everyday meals. Its especially used in desserts. Everyone is cautious of what they eat now a days. With the risks of complications in eating food with chemicals in it, people are turning to organic produce. It 's also healthier and with the media advertising body image it 's world wide. With polyface farm having the demand, they are

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