Pollution Essay

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Register to read the introduction… Target areas may include windows, doors, fireplaces, and insulation. To save energy, double or triple thermal panes should be used in windows and all doors. Windows should also be checked for leaks. Weather stripping can be used if necessary for doors with leaks. Drapes and shades can also help cut down on leaks by keeping the hot air in on winter nights. For fireplaces, the flue should always be closed, especially when the fire place is not in use, in order to reduce the hot or cold air flow up the chimney. Inadequate insulation can also cause major problems. Often times houses do not have insulation in the walls or the attic. These areas are critical to help keep warm air …show more content…
To conserve energy using the furnace, maintenance is the key. Depending on the type, it may need cleaned, a new air filter, a new fuel filter, or tightened fan belts. All of these adjustments will reduce the amount of energy used to heat a house. Hot water heaters use 15.1% of the total energy, the second most energy in the home, second to the furnace.8 This The most obvious conservation methods are taking short showers, fixing leaky faucets, and only running the dishwasher or washing machine when imperative. The only maintenance needed for air conditioners is changing the filter once a month during the peak season and setting the thermostat at a reasonable level. Strategically placed fans can also help the air conditioner circulate air and cool an entire house using less energy.

Lastly, pollution can be reduced by planting more trees and greenery. Every year about 6 billion tons of carbon dioxide are emitted from the burning of fossil fuels.9 One way to combat this problem is to plant more trees, which can absorb about fifty pounds of carbon dioxide each year.10 In addition to the consumption of carbon dioxide, trees can reduce the amount of energy needed to heat and cool a house when placed properly. For example, a row of trees on the side of a house can block the cool winter winds and large trees can shade a house in the hot summer

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