Pollution And Environment

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Our habits of production and consumption are linked to pollution and waste. However, in a world where must of our economic growth is intimately linked with the environment and its natural resources, and as humanity is realizing that our actions are destroying our earth, the environmental health of nature, rivers, and oceans have never been so important. Therefore, the importance to realize that earth and its resources are here to help us, but no to serve us, it’s our mission and responsibility.
The health of rivers and oceans are extremely important to our survival, in other words, we’re the ones who depend on it. Rivers and oceans are important for the economy, since small and big business utilize it to ship and to fish, and they are important
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The lack of information and overfishing at some point meet each other because people don’t know how bad, garbage and chemicals, can affect the water and how limited our resources are, as for the case of overfishing. Agriculture also plays a big role in the pollution of the environment, for example, chicken farms, specifically, chicken manure and how that poultry waste can create pollution (“Poisoned Waters”). Last, but not least, in many developing countries, the wastewater system is really bad because there is a lack of adequate urban planning, and then when trash is throwing in the water, it doesn’t receive the proper treatment. Consequently, this water kills animals and it’s more favorable for diseases and …show more content…
First, the environmental ethics starts by recognizing the value of nature in order to realize that by preserving the nature, we are preserving our own specie, and I genuinely believe in a bio/eco-centric point of view that nature itself is valuable. In a sense, to be in favor of environmental ethics, is to understand that earth and humans need to be in harmony. We need nature to survive, and by “using” nature, we are responsible for keeping it alive. Also, societies, in general, have to adapt to the concept that yes, we are at the top of the food chain, but that doesn’t mean we are better than other species, therefore, we can decide what to do with them. They also feel, and should have

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