Essay about Pollution : An Old Human Habit

1208 Words Oct 21st, 2015 null Page
In our modern age people have become increasingly conscientious of the environment and the things that threaten it. One such issue is pollution; an old human habit that has been around for centuries which has escalated to a scale to which it has become almost common place and identifiable in various forms. Water and air pollution are two of the most frequently addressed and most dangerous to human health that the world has only just started to try and slow. The causes of these dangerous forms of pollution are simple and include various forms of land, water, and air pollution plus the pollutants. However the focus will be narrowed to dumping of waste in waters, industrial processes and their emissions, and the social or individual burning of fossil fuels. This reckless waste dumping, material production processes, and social uses of fossil fuels have had a hand in the over-all development of pollution and will continue to do so for the for-seeable future. Unfortunately, the waters of this world absorb the majority of pollution from the start with just simple dumping of trash into the oceans or lakes. This dumping isn’t always intentional however as some of the material drains from inland littering or from landfills which are not sealed properly or has eroded enough to let some of its contents loose. Then on top of that, industry just adds fuel to the fire—both literally and metaphorically—but that will be revisited. But the pollution of our waters is caused by illegal or…

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