Damage To The Oceans: Marine Pollution

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Damage to the Oceans: Marine Pollution
The oceans and its wildlife are suffering from irreversible harms. The spreading of harmful materials such as oil, plastic, industrial and agricultural waste into the ocean can damage marine life and even effect people. Pollution comes from many sources such as manufacturing, litter, and even sewage. If we do not make changes quickly then we will suffer from permanent damages to Earth’s largest bodies of water and wildlife.
Domestic sewage often finds its way into the oceans, often time through direct drainages. Domestic sewage is made up of drainage that comes from our sinks, laundry, baths and other home water surplus. This unsafe water waste contains a wide variety of harmful impurities. Debris related
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Ocean mining sites are typically around large areas of polymetallic protuberances and hydrothermal vents at about 2000 meters below the ocean 's surface. Even though it is believed that ocean mining has the potential to meet demands for many minerals and would help strengthen the economies of unindustrialized countries, it does come at an environmental cost. In 2011, Papua New Guinea approved the first deep-sea mining lease to a Canadian mining company. The Papua New Guinea Government has been pressured recently from environmental agencies to resign from the project, because not enough is yet known about its possible environmental effect for them to withdraw. There has been very little research on the effects of the metals released and the pollutants caused by the deep sea mining to cause any legal actions as of yet. Researchers do believe ocean mining can damage the lowest planes of the ocean and a rise the toxicity and it is believed that lethal metals can destroy the biochemistry, behavior, health and reproduction in marine animals. This mining process can cause leaking, corrosion and oil spills that radically damage the ecosystem. As of now there are no conservation strategies in place to protect the fragile eco system and wildlife that will undoubtedly be effected by the …show more content…
It can contaminate the fish we eat. These harmful chemicals get eaten by animals that get eaten by other animals or eaten by humans directly. The Conserve Energy Future group states that “toxins from these contaminated animals gets deposited in the tissues of people and can lead to cancer, birth defects or long term health problems”. (What is Ocean Pollution?) According to the NAGT “not only do the toxins in plastic effect the ocean, but acting like sponges, they soak up other toxins from outside sources before entering the ocean”. Thus, spreading toxins and harm.
Humans are the main cause of litter and pollutants in the ocean. There are islands of garbage as big as Texas floating around they are known as the Pacific Trash Vortex. It is an alarming amount of trash. According to Greenpeace research there is an estimated at six kilos of plastic for every kilo of plankton in the region. (The Trash Vortex) As a society we need to accept that this is a serious issue and make some needed lifestyle changes and in some cases sacrifices. One of the fears of fixing these issues, the main one being

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