Polluted Runoff Is Water From Rain Or Melting Snow? Essay

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Polluted runoff is water from rain or melting snow that runs across the paved land instead of seeping into the ground. It happens when water that flows off our streets, parking lots, and building rooftops and it picks up all kinds of hazardous waste like pet waste, debris, manure, pesticides, oil, and automotive fluids. Poorly treated or untreated runoff, affects the water quality and the aquatic life in the local streams in a negative way, then the rivers which they feed, and then ultimately the Chesapeake Bay (Polluted Runoff). When it rains and the rain lands in a metropolitan or rural area, where watertight surfaces are common, the water flows into the storm drains with all the toxins it carries, this is the grey funnel. Naturally the water would either evaporate or slowly absorb into the ground, this is the green filter. The Chesapeake watershed contains forested buffers, wetlands, meadows, and farmland that soaks up and filters the nutrients. When the rain falls in a grey funnel area, most nitrogen and phosphorus pollution comes from sewage treatment plants, animal feeds lots, and polluted runoff from cropland, urban, and suburban areas. Also, air pollution from vehicle exhaust and industrial sources contribute about one-third of the nitrogen pollution (Nitrogen). Anne Arundel County has the fourth worst air quality in the United States and most of this pollution ends up in our runoff (Arlington Terrapin). If this problem continues, then the Bay will be in a state…

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