Politics And The Political Spectrum Of Politics Essay example

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Politics, a topic usually thought to be reserved to old men who still read newspapers. Though with recent events, debates, controversies, and excitement drew from the recent presidential election, many teens and young adults, like myself, have gained an interest in the political spectrum of our country. Many of us even considering registering for voting, a privilege and right in this country. But even as we pay attention and try to take part, many of us are still confused about the presence of political parties, and who and what they are. We hear confusing terms like "Republicans", "Democrats" , "Liberal", and "Conservative", which adds more to our confusion. In fact, this isn 't the case with only teens, many adults are confused about this system also, and with voting day coming closer and closer, many individuals are left confused on which party to vote for. This has led to a conundrum in our country, as more and more people are starting to voter turnout is diminishing, according to the analyst, Drew Desilver, “U.S. Voter turnout in the 2012 presidential election was 53.6%” , and even lower in the primary elections. Making the U.S. One of the lowest countries in terms of voter turnout. Which doesn 't look ideal for a nation which prides itself on its freedom to vote. We have to get more involved in our country 's politics, as the state of it affects us the most. And the first step to getting involved is educating ourselves on it.

In the U.S. There are two political…

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