Political Theorists Karl Marx And Friedrich Engels Essay

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In 1848, political theorists Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels published a socioeconomic theory

holding that “all people are entitled to enjoy the fruits of their labour but are prevent from

doing so in a capitalist economic system.” They theorized that this divides societies into two

classes: nonowning workers and nonworking owners. The Marxist theory, as it has come to

be known, considers this class divide a major driving force behind the history of humanity

and its major events. The Marxist theory is but one of many contributions to philosophy and

socio-economics made by Marx, but it is perhaps his most significant and relevant work in

the 21 st century.

Karl Marx was born to a middle-class family in Germany, in May of 1818. He was raised

Protestant, although he became an atheist in his adult years. After his father sent him to study

at the University of Berlin, Marx become disillusioned with the Hegelianism so common in

the city at the time (Kreis, 2008). Although he did not abandon it completely, as his early

published works demonstrate a desire to combine the ideologies behind socialism and

Hegelianism (Marx, 1979).

After completing university, Marx became editor-in- chief of the Rheinische Zeitung, a paper

in opposition of the Prussian government. This marked the beginning of his journalistic

occupation (Mehring, 1936). In 1843, Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm IV declared the paper

should be suppressed and its shareholders demanded the paper’s political…

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