Political Power, Social Media, And Other Variables Essay

777 Words Dec 12th, 2016 4 Pages
“There’s only two way to perceive things, either black and white or right and wrong”. Fortunately, the world is more complex than simple categorization of one’s ideology. If it was that transparent, history would have stayed the same from the absence of civil movements and revolutionary activists. Our beliefs and ideology forms what we are and what we identify others. Unfortunately, I do not have the ideal moral standard when I observe the people that live in the same world as I do. My experience and observation have led me to a conclusion that political power, social media, and other variables ruin our society. What is the main source of your ethics and moral? Some would say religion, and some would say friends and family. These variables influence one the most when making decisions and judgements. I am not religious because I do not have a very religious family, nor did I met anyone that strongly tried to enlightened me about their religious beliefs. Therefore, my main source of ethics is from friends and family. The discipline I receive from my parents taught me that one can’t attain whatever they want in life, and being strict is truly the best parental affection a child can get. Also, I believe children rebellion is inevitable, and parents need to accept that phase. It is impossible to be the perfect parent, so it is ideal to have adaptability for learning from mistakes. The information I have gain will be future references for when I attain a family and…

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