Political Parties And Political Politics Essay

793 Words Mar 25th, 2016 4 Pages
There are a lot of tricky, dirty games in politics. Many who have hidden agendas or shared aspirations play it. As a result division is formed. It stands to reason why there are different political parties and interest groups. Both aim to influence society. They, or individuals inside groups or organizations want the whole pie, not a piece. However, due to their political views, it can result to selfish behavior damaging politics and American elections. Interest groups work from the outside. Political parties attempt to transform members, through election or appointment, into insiders. Although power-seeking individuals continue to be blinded politically, American elections have somewhat improved. At first individuals could not come close to electing the president, now it is indirectly possible. Sadly that is not sufficed; there are still many things wrong with modern American elections. Major issues still confront electoral problems such as Electoral Colleges, ballots, and voting which all go hand and hand. Electoral Colleges are very antiquated, and unnecessary. Few understand the purpose. Many question its existence. The United States clams to be for the people but ignore their voices. Tell me, if a candidate wins the majority how can they not win the election???? The people who cast the votes decide nothing; the people who counts decide everything” Joseph Stalin. It causes many citizens to question if their opinion is valued. Gateway to Democracy stated, “The formal…

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