Political Economic Analysis Versus Economic Political Analysis

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Part 1: Political Economic Analysis versus Economic Political Analysis
In order to understand what exactly ‘politics’ is we must first unpack its meaning. ‘Politics’ is defined in the Oxford English dictionary as ‘the activities associated with the governance of a country or area, especially the debate between parties having power’ (Soanes: 2004). We can break this into two broad parts: (1) the activities associated with governance of a country or area, and (2) the debate between parties having power. This can allow us to see that politics is the work deliberative process of institutions on the (1) macro level and (2) micro level. To indicate the structure of my argument, I have employed title: political economic analysis versus economic political analysis. Although the difference is slight, I will suggest they are distinct differences. First, political economic analysis, as a concept governs politics though by taking into account the ideas which drive an actor’s interests outside of a well-defined system – a critical approach to solving political problems. On the other hand, economic political analysis governs politics through an understanding of the drivers towards an actor’s interest – a realist approach to solving political problems. The ABSM recognises that in order to work within complex construction of politics at once, one must recognise that politics by necessity will mean a different thing to each actor involved. What is not considered in this narrow definition is…

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