Social Security Amendment

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In this paper, I will analyze the Social Security Amendment (SSA) of 1974. The Social Security Act of 1974, established a state and federal child enforcement program under part D of the title IV of the Social Security Act (Morgan, 2002). This social policy works to address issues of poverty and child welfare. I’m using the Segal and Brzuzy framework for policy analysis to direct my research. This framework has seven major sections: social problem, goal, identification and policy objectives, implementation, affected populations, intended impact, and actual impact.
This policy was created because of stated manifest goals that are intended goals. My major focus in this policy analysis is to determine if our current child support
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This shows that the issue of child support has been a social problem in the United States for at least a century. The literature researched states that there is not a set definition for social problem. Although, per Reichel (1977), "A social problem is a condition which is defined by a considerable number of persons as a deviation from some social norm which they cherish”. To analyze the social problem, we must study the history of child support legislation passed in the United States. Below is a brief history.
“The Uniform Desertion and Non-Support Act was approved by the National Conference of Commissions on Uniform State Laws in 1910 (Wolf, 2016). In the beginning, this law was enforced in 24 jurisdictions. This law made it illegal for a husband to abandon his children under the age of 16. Men who wished to abandon their children would simply move to an area that did not pass this law. There were no criminal statutes for parents intentionally breaking this law. Consequently, this law was not

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