Essay on Policies And Laws Regulating Migrant Workers

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The abstract article, “Policies and Laws Regulating Migrant Workers in Malaysia: A Critical Appraisal”, authored by Evelyn Shyamala Devadason and Chan Wai Meng, depicts and discusses the broad topic relating to the legal acts that govern migrant incursion and their influence on the economy of Malaysia specifically. The article raises many issues including the absence revolving around the administration of laws, and practices of abuse by employees, businesses, and institutions within the labour force. The piece constitutes its own conclusions about what should be done to improve and make advancements to affairs with migrant workers by describing the failures of current laws and legislations and suggesting solutions. Similarly, Juanita Elias’ academic article, “Gendered Political Economy and the Politics of Migrant Worker Rights: The View from South-East Asia”, centres around the situation of migrant workers in South-East Asia, particularly women, and so too illustrates the issues revolving around the non-implementation and skewing of laws by employees. Thus, both articles will be critically analysed and conclusions will be made to determine the outlying effect and causes of such problems in Asia and the underlying effect of gender issues, as well as the accuracy and legitimacy of both authors arguments, and if their conclusions are valid and authentic.

It is common knowledge that migrant workers pose issues for countries all over the world, and in many cases, these migrants…

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