Police Shooting Research Paper

According to Captain Joe Bologna of the Philadelphia Police Department, “every time a police officer fires his weapon, the reputation of the police department is on the line.” (time) Anytime an officer fires a gun, there are usually people who will claim excessive force and police brutality, even if the shooting was justified. This can cause citizens to lose faith in their department and makes an officer’s job harder. There are people that ask why couldn’t the officer wound someone and that they had the option to and chose not to. These people may not understand that firing a gun during a training exercise or shooting at a stationary target is completely different than shooting at moving target who is firing back or has another dangerous weapon. …show more content…
(University of Buffalo-guns) Police work long hours and usually have low pay. My dad said “you do more work for less money in big cities and less work for more money in the suburbs”. Officers have to deal with inconsistent shift work, a lot of paper work and problems with superiors. Shift work can mess with sleep because officers are working 8 to 12 hour shifts with varying start times, work overtimes and change shifts after a certain time. The stressful work environment is filled with dangers, high demands, human misery and death. (buffalo-researchers) Officers are exposed to environmental hazards, such as meth labs, dead bodies, lead exposure from firearms and radar.” (Buffalo-guns) For example, seeing a dead body hanging from the ceiling or seeing one mutilated from a car crash can traumatize an officer. The pressures of law enforcement put officers at risk for high blood pressure, insomnia, heart problems, PTSD and suicide. (buffalo) Research has shown that individuals who have been exposes to highly stressful traumatic experiences are at an increased risk for suicidal thoughts. (police Suicide) According to John Violanti, an “the life expectancy of police officers was significantly lower than the U.S Male population” and believes this is a result of the high degree of job-related stress. According to the article “Negative Influences of Police Stress”, …show more content…
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