Police Procedural Analysis

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This assignment will discuss how victims are placed at the centre of attention in police procedurals, and the theories used to assist these shows in helping them to put emphasis on the victims being the most important after a crime has taken place.
A police procedural is a subgenre of detective fiction which attempts to convincingly illustrate the activities of a police force as they investigate crime. Over the years these procedurals have become more prominent and the most watched shows on TV, and victims are being prioritized as number one as they are shown to be the ones mostly traumatized at the aftermath of a crime. These shows also use several ways to make the show seem realistic. Firstly, by the use of authenticity, the location of
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This TV series, has used several ways to portray the victim as being the most significant. Firstly, with the use of dramatization, the show creates a story and expresses it, and it is presented to the audience in an art form. Many stories shown are real but are shown in a fictional account. The show uses special effects to get the story across, and show the victim being their priority. In series 18, episode 7, the victim was attacked due to being a transgender, it was regarded as a hate crime. The collection of serious injuries had collectively led the victim to fall into a coma. The victim later died as a result of the attack, they were now investigating a murder case. This series was a reenactment of a real-life event, thus placed more emphasis on the victim which can be seen to engage the viewers. The dramatic reconstruction had a sole purpose which was to present to viewers that victims are the focus after a crime has occurred, as research has shown at the aftermath of a crime, victims can suffer a tremendous amount of physical and psychological trauma. If victims are not given the appropriate support and interference it may cause emotional harm. Law and Order offers appropriate support during the initial impact phase, and throughout the criminal justice process. In a numerous amount of events …show more content…
Overall, I believe it has improved my academic skills and broadened my knowledge and understanding of different aspects of life. When the first task was given, which was the presentation, our group worked well together and contributed ideas towards what we were going to be presenting. It was quite challenging at first, but after getting a hang of it, it was fine. Our topic on the presentation was on Syrian refugees, I believe this was a good topic to cover as it was happening at the time. We covered all of Chibnalls’ news values when discussing the topic as our module is based on media and crime, it was appropriate to discuss how media uses factors such as dramatization, simplification, titillation, structured access, novelty, immediacy, personalisation and finally conventionalism. These were taught within lectures and had helped a lot when applying them to the presentation and the

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