Essay Police Officers And The Policing Field

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In today’s world no one can define just one current issue in today’s policing, simply because there are too many different issues. Not only are there issues in the society that are bringing issues to the police but also the police themselves and the issues they bring them personally. With each year bringing a new issue to the policing field it is very hard to stop them all but in this paper we will look at a good few of them. With more and more issues and bad attention being brought to the policing field people are starting to think that police are not here to help them which is not the case. The current issues in policing are really bringing down the importance of today’s police officers and what they all do to help each and every one of us to the best of their ability.
Policing today deals with a lot of bad media attention that just keeps on getting worse and worse. Today the social media picks up every little thing that the police do negatively and put it into their own words causing a lot of bad names for police officers. With racism and the whole “Black Lives Matter” organization, it is getting harder and harder for police officers to discipline African Americans without getting brought down on social media. “A great example would be the Michael Brown case in 2014 when an African American boy was shot to death after robbing a convenience store and attempting to reach for the officer’s gun. One week later a white male named Dillon Taylor was shot to death as for not…

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