Police Officers And Law Enforcement Essay

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As the years go by, everything changes. From seasons, to cars, to trends, to prices of food and houses. One thing I would say definitely changes from year to year is the type of jobs that are needed across the United States; but one job that will always remain are police officers or law enforcement. There will always be crime, therefore there will always be a need for police officers. Although the need for police officers may not change, different aspects of the job of an officer may. For example, we are always getting new laws that police officers have to be aware of; which leads me to the reason I am writing this paper. What a police officer may have experienced on the streets twenty years ago may be the complete opposite of what one is experiencing on the streets today. The rest of thisd summary will contain questions and answers given to me by a person who has a minimum of five years as a police officer. The first question I asked was, "How many years have you worked in law enforcement?" The officers response was, "22 years and counting". I believe working in law enforcement that many years is great and the officer definitely has enough experience to answer all the questions I have. The next question was, "Do you have any children?" He replied, "Yes I do." I followed with a question that I personally wanted to know the answer to; not just for this paper, but for life in general. I asked, "How did/does your job affect your personal life?" The officer then told me how…

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