Police Officer Career Essay

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Register to read the introduction… Police officers are very important to the community and to the people that they serve and protect. Most of the time police work is stressful and often under life threatening conditions. To become a police officer a person must be licensed by the state in which they wish to be a police officer. The process of obtaining a police officer’s license usually involves the completion and graduation from a law enforcement academy. I had considered very seriously becoming a police officer while receiving my education from Jefferson College. The Jefferson College Law Enforcement Academy offers both day and night classes to recruits each containing the same training and education and both allowing graduates to receive an associate of applied science degree majoring in criminal justice. There are (Jefferson College). Police officers must also be able to perform in a technology-focused world. Police work requires the use of many technologies from radar to computers. While I am knowledgeable and am able to properly use and implement the use of technology and computers, police officers are usually also expected to perform in very stressful and life threatening environments on a daily basis as a nature of the work. I felt that I would not be happy risking my life in return for the benefits I would be receiving as a police officer. Police officers also need to be able to work well under high-pressure situations and stress; and are some of the internal organizational stressors that add to the hostile climate police officers already have to work with (Hassell, Archbold, and Stichman). I have never had the best handle on stress and anxiety and my inability to handle stress well and easily is an aspect of my personality I considered when selecting my future …show more content…
The military chaplain service is a very noble profession that requires a person to have a strong faith and a passion for helping people. Chaplains are military pastors that serve the men and women of our armed forces. While chaplains are required to be pluralistic minded and serve the needs of all in the military service regardless of their denomination, the primary role of a military chaplain is to protect the right to free exercise of religion extended to every citizen including and specifically to those in the military. Chaplains must meet many education and training requirements prior to being appointed as commissioned officers in the military let alone being permitted to serve in the military as chaplains instead of other roles. Chaplains in the air force “must enter active duty prior to [age] 42” and possess a. The extended and strict education requirements of a chaplain are also another aspect that I had to take into consideration when choosing a career to pursue. I had to and did consider the costs involved with financing an education required when becoming a military chaplain but I felt that the benefits far outweighed the cost of education. The Air Force chaplain is a commissioned officer who wears the same uniform as other military officers and obeys the same regulations as all military personnel, and the chaplain is also a minister, priest, or rabbi representing their affiliated church. Although they have left the job environment typical of the church or synagogue to serve as an active duty chaplain, he still retains his institutional status in the church. As a clergyman, a chaplain is subject to the ecclesiastical authorities of their denomination. They are required to attend meetings such as annual conferences or retreats sponsored by their churches. Chaplains continue to function as clergy only because they are ordained and endorsed by their church.

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