Police Investigation On The World Right Now Essay example

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Why is there such wide spread hatred towards police in the world right now? Especially in the United States? Some may say that is was sparked by the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson Missouri in 2014. Michael Brown was an 18 year old who was fatally shot by Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson. Mr. Brown before the shooting was strong arm robbing a local convenience store. Officer Wilson was dispatched to the call. Wilson approached him and started to back up towards his car. They then attacked Officer Wilson in his car trying to grab his gun. One a round went off they left, after Wilson is prepared he takes them at gunpoint and Brown turnings around to go after him again and then Officer Wilson shoots him seven more times which then killed Mr. Brown. The incident went under a complete police investigation on whether or not Officer Wilson was justified to shoot Mr. Brown. The Officer went under trial and was founded not guilty to murdering Mr. Brown. The evidence was all there showing that Officer Wilson acted in self-defense. The public didn’t like this decision.
Up to the night of the grand jury decision there had been many riots and protests though out the nation. None though compared to the riots and looters in Ferguson. The riots and looters destroyed hundreds of businesses, police cars, and ruined many people’s life savings. The police and National Guard were involved in taking back the city and they eventually took control of the city.
This whole incident sparked…

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