Police Enforcement Should Be Legal Essay

1586 Words May 28th, 2016 7 Pages
Overview: Police officials have a crazy amount to discretion, they also have many police department rules to follow that can be detrimental to society, such as police ticket quotas for the purpose of making money, speed traps, and trying to maintain an ethical appearance in society. We expect police officials to abide by the law, we expect them to ticket solely when needed, and we expect police to do their job, and not look for a way to make money. But in our society, many police are corrupt, and are looking for a way to be on top. Ticketing quotas, speed trap cities, and if these practices are ethical are all reasons why police agencies are unethical and need to come up with viable solutions to turn back the clocks to police officers being respected and trusted.
Police Ticketing Quotas: Ticketing quotas are a system that gives officers points, or props for certain types of arrests and or traffic stops. These officers then get rewarded for meeting these quotas. (Arthur G. Sharp) Essentially officers are given an incentive to pull every person over and issuing them a ticket instead of letting certain things pass. In some states police ticketing quotas have been very detrimental and have hurt the reputation of some agencies. In New York, the NYPD, deputy Inspector Norman H. Anderson, led his police officers to write 1294 parking tickets in a single day (Brownstein). Due to so many tickets being issued, this story became known through the New York times, where the Police…

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