Essay on Police Enforcement And Police Law Enforcement

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Within the last few decades substantial progress has been made in Law Enforcement regarding police corruption. To being with, there are a substantial amount of police departments that have stayed away from hiring law enforcement candidates who do not have high ethical standards. These same police departments have recognized new recruits early in his or her career who they feel may compromise the police department’s integrity (Martin, 2011).

The latest technological advances that have been made within law enforcement have been to help police departments test police cadets regarding his or her tendency to act in an ethical manner and to test how ethical a police cadet may or may not be. But, no matter what technological advances have been made regarding testing police department candidate’s propensity to act ethically there is still unethical conduct occurring among police officers within police departments across the nation (Martin, 2011).

There has been much research conducted regarding police corruption in an effort to understand the phenomenon of police corruption. This research is conducted with the hope of rooting out this unethical behavior on the part of police officers across our nation. This unethical behavior on the part of some police officers diminishes the role of a police officer and diminishes the integrity of law enforcement across our nation (Martin, 2011).

Police corruption makes people speculate about the role of law enforcement in our society. The…

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