Police Enforcement And Law Enforcement Essay

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Law enforcement officers, or the police, have always had a fundamental role in our society. These brave individuals take an oath to protect and serve the American people. Their method of law enforcement had always been to react. The goal was to respond to crime. In the later half of the twentieth century policing began to see reform. Slowly, the role of police had morphed from a reaction, call driven, system to a proactive system that focus on preventing crime and protecting the community. This idea of community policing is a practice of law and order that is effective for promoting the common good of the community, but its practices may threaten an individual’s civil liberties. Community Policing changed the fundamental idea of the role of police in society. Community policing focused on getting officers on the ground in their own area known as walking beats. Bruce Benson, a deputy police chief in Flint, Michigan, one of the pioneer cities for these new crime fighting measures, recalled that “we told our officers, ‘we don’t want you to patrol your neighborhood, we want you to go out and organize your neighborhood,‘”. Benson describes this change to a proactive system of law enforcement as, “Instead of just taking calls, they could use their brain to tackle crime in their unique beat, they got recognition, kids got to know them” (Moraff). These new techniques of law enforcement have been implement in high crime areas, but there has always been speculation of these…

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