Police Brutality Statistics And Facts Essays

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Project 2
"Police Brutality Statistics and Facts." CopCrisis. N.p., 4 July 2012. Web. 25 Sept. 2016.

In today 's world new issues rise frequently and over the last few years police brutality has escalated to an issue on a much larger scale. Police should be here to protect the community and establish trust with the residents who reside in it. It is no secret that different races encounter different problems with the police, because of this tragedy the african american community has protested almost every headlining black teen death caused by a cop. Some races are more targeted than others whether it is just getting pulled over and searched or shot because of “attempted assault”. The community as a whole should promote an end to all of it. The government issues law enforcers who are referred to as police officers, these men are supposed to keep us safe. Some citizens feel like the government is against them, and not here for their best interest. Missouri State University 's public affairs theme for this academic year, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness: Perspectives of Self Government opens my eyes to why we need to learn how to self govern. According to Copcrisis, In February 2016 alone there were 93 cases of police misconduct. There have been 848 citizen deaths caused by our law enforcement. As a community we should look into this on going epidemic and find a solution before the matter becomes worse.

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