Police Brutality Of The Police Department Essay

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According to Captain Joe Bologna of the Philadelphia Police Department, “every time a police officer fires his weapon, the reputation of the police department is on the line.” (time) Anytime an officer fires a gun, there are usually people who will claim excessive force and police brutality, even if the shooting was justified. This can cause citizens to lose faith in their department and makes an officer’s job harder. There are people that ask why couldn’t the officer wound someone and that they had the option to and chose not to. These people may not understand that firing a gun during a training exercise or shooting at a stationary target is completely different than shooting at moving target who is firing back or has another dangerous weapon. On the human body the largest target area is the torso and is ideally the easiest to hit. According to law enforcement today, “the reason [officers] aim for the largest target is mainly due to stress and the stress [they] worry about the most involves lethal force encounters.” This is the same stress that soldiers experience in combat and has many effects on the brain, all of which contribute directly to an officer’s physical condition. (law enforcement today) Some responses to stress in combat is tunnel vision which is the inability to use your peripheral vision and auditory exclusion which is the temporary loss of hearing (LE today). Losing these fine motor skills can be deadly to officers in lethal force encounters. (law…

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