Police Brutality Is An Epidemic Essay

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There is no question about police brutality being an epidemic in our country. This paper will address the factors that police consider when resorting to exceeded use of authority. Through this, cases like Tulsa, Oklahoma’s fatal shooting of an unarmed, African American man, Terrence Crutcher, and the Ferguson, Missouri shooting of another unarmed, African American man, Michael Brown will be reviewed. Related topics such as: Racial Threat Theory, racial profiling, institutional racism, and police policies regarding ethics and use of force will be applied to establish a connection to police brutality. The Racial Threat Theory implies that white people grow inferior to the rise in the percentage of African Americans, which leads to an increased social control inflicted on African Americans. Racial profiling is to suspect someone of being suspicious based only on race, which may have implications on the “white and black” crimes. Institutional racism describes the justice system 's bias and negative treatment of a particular race. The police policies include what is an appropriate use of force and proper consideration in making law enforcement decisions, and how it pertains to police over stepping boundaries. This paper will dig deeper into these areas of focus and conclude what steps society needs to take in order to dramatically cut down the number deaths contributed to police brutality.
Keywords: police, brutality, race

Understanding Why Police Turn to Brutality…

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